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SMART P are available in the following versions, according to the gas to be detected:

CO, range 0-300 ppm, industrial grade 3-pin cell

NO2, range 0-30 ppm, industrial grade 3-pin cell

Petrol vapours with range 0-100%LEL

To optimize the installation costs, double sensor detectors have been developed,. These consist of a CO and NO2 sensors combined in the same housing.

The first sensor detecting gas, will provide the corresponding signal to the control panel.

This is also possible for version integrating CO and Petrol vapours: in this case Petrol vapour sensor will come in an ATEX certified remote sensor head complete with 150 cm cable.

SMART P employ high performance sensors and provide a periodic check to verify all functions correctness as well as dedicate self test of the CO cell accuracy.

SMART P detectors are to be connected via a 4-core wire: 2 wires for power supply and 2 for RS485 data communication to the MULTISCAN++PARK.

SMART P offer a safe and easy installation as well as a simple and accurate in site maintenance and calibration via the calibration keypad model STS/CKD-PK.

Detectors require a 12-24Vdc power supply and are rated to IP55.

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