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SIL 1 Gas Control Panel

The MULTISCAN++S1 are advanced multifunction gas detection control panel designed to meet with the increasing requests for highly flexible systems. A powerful microprocessor allows a wide range of self testing facilities to take place to detect and localize possible failures. The system allows the connection of gas detectors and remote input/output modules via 2 open loops to be extended up to 4. The control panels can manage and monitor up to 256 gas detectors. These can either be addressable detectors, daisy chained on the available loops, or analog type with 4-20mA transmission, connected via remote 8 input cards STG/IN8-S. The system architecture includes 8 preset relays onboard the units and the possibility to have further 256 open collector outputs via remote STG/OUT16-S output cards. To these cards it is possible to connect 8-relays boards, should relay outputs be required.

Further characteristics of MULTISCAN++S1 panels are:

  • Event log accessible from the front display or to be PC downloaded.
  • RS232 serial port for PC connection for programming or supervising the system via a specific software
  • Printer parallel port for printer connection. The control panels are available in 19“ 3U rack (24Vdc power supply required) or in a metal box complete with power supply.