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PCM 602 EV

Double Input Modular Unit

The microprocessor based modular units PCM 602EV offer the highest performance and safety in industrial environments. The PCM 602EV board is able to manage 2 independent analog inputs with 4-20mA transmission. They monitor, in real time, the presence of flammable or toxic compounds, showing on the front display the concentration expressed either as %LEL or ppm respectively. The technical features and the innovative planning put the PCM 602EV between the most advanced equipments for industrial environment monitoring.

Their modularity, full expandability and possibility to interface proportional 4-20 mA detectors, along with the availability of output relays for local command make this system suitable for several applications. The modular units can be connected to a 24Vdc or 220Vac 50Hz power supply. The modular execution allows concentrating in a single 19” rack up to 1 power supply unit and 8 PCM 602EV boards if running at 24Vdc or up to 10 PCM 602EV at 230Vac. PCM 602EV modules manage the signals coming from the detectors while providing the detectors with a voltage controlled power supply. On PCM 602EV front plate, an OLED Pictiva 96x64 display provides an ongoing reading of the concentration being measured and, in case of an alarm, the alarm threshold attained. Each threshold or function is visualised by a double LED raw. The functions Acknowledge, Reset, Programming are activated by 3 push buttons. Three user programmable alarm thresholds and a Fault indication activate independent relays whenever any of these conditions occur. An interactive RS485 output has been implemented to enable this modular system to communicate to PC for programming and supervising systems.