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Intelligent monitoring and warning for leaks in gas detection systems: Sensitron Driwe

Intelligent monitoring and warning for leaks in gas detection systems: Sensitron Driwe

Ultra-sensitive monitoring of even minimal leaks inside gas detection systems and, where necessary, providing an intelligent alert that prevents concentrations reaching levels triggering the alarm signal, becoming a real risk.

To meet this sensitive need, Sensitron has developed innovative software called Sensitron Driwe.

The acronym DRIWE means “Dynamic Range and Intelligent Warning Efficiency“, identifying the importance of timely and efficient control of small gas leaks (or values however far lower than the actual alarm threshold), both with a view to the safety of people and for the optimal management of the gas detection system.

The software developed by Sensitron is therefore the most effective solution for enhancing the performance of electronic gas detection devices.

How Sensitron Driwe software works, the “smart alert” system

What the Sensitron Driwe software can provide is an “intelligent warning” for even minimum gas leaks in the gas detection system.

The system uses infra-red technology (NDIR) that guarantees very reliable sensor output data, both analog and digital, and excellent accuracy at the zero threshold and alarm threshold.

Thanks to Dynamic Range sensors, once the analog or digital signal is stabilised, the detector microprocessor will proceed to divide it into several sections, for each of which the same response accuracy will be ensured. At the same time, Sensitron Driwe will analyse the minimum stable signal of the sensitive element under ideal installation conditions and in the absence of gas.

This analysis will make it possible to define two specific areas: the first between the minimum signal and the concentration of gas set as “warning”, and the second between the warning threshold and the concentration threshold that generates the alert (pre-warning).

Thanks to the Intelligent Warning feature, it will be possible to parametrise the latter area depending on the duration of the signal for as long as necessary for activating the alert. In this way, the concentration warning area will be dynamic, and in relation to the accumulation of gas concentration that is not yet equal to the alarm threshold, but rather an “intelligent alert” (indeed an Intelligent Warning).

Depending on requirements, the Intelligent Warning feature may be set as factory default or, alternatively, depending on installation or likelihood of gas leakage or false alarm.

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