BIM, what it is and why it’s important to have

BIM (Building information Modeling) stands for Building Information Modelling and is about managing and sharing data throughout the work process. To realise BIM objects of one’s own products means to digitise the catalogue, including all the necessary information. Offering this possibility makes it possible to streamline processes, make information clear and unambiguous, limit errors and reduce time.

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Through the realisation of 3D models, it is in fact possible to share all information during all design phases:

  • Conception
  • Design
  • Time and cost analysis
  • Realisation
  • Maintenance
  • Renovation

What are BIM objects?


When we talk about BIM objects, we are talking about digital models of components and products, created using specific software and consisting of fixed or parametric geometry and specific data embedded in the model itself, which may include physical properties or data reflecting the characteristics and specifications of a given product. It is a technology that can represent and monitor the performance of the products themselves and allows for the incorporation of useful data throughout the life cycle of a work, from design through construction to operation and maintenance.

What are the advantages of having BIM objects?

BIM: cos'èProducing BIM objects brings many advantages, first and foremost the transition from paper to digital, pandering to an ever-changing market. Having a catalogue of BIM objects greatly facilitates the dissemination of one’s own products and any updates, allowing better management of design and production. Using them encourages a more conscious working method and limits errors during production, optimising time and costs. Another advantage is the possibility of being part of public procurement, given the growing commitment to sustainability and the BIM mandates issued by governments, which are nothing more than a set of implemented government policies that recognise BIM as a necessity for public projects.

Our products in BIM objects

Sensitron has realised the BIM objects in its catalogue and many are already available on our site at this link.

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