Calibration of gas detection systems

Calibration is the process of adjusting and verifying the accuracy of a measuring instrument against a known standard. In the case of fixed gas detectors, calibration is essential to ensure that they provide accurate and reliable readings of the gas concentration in the surrounding environment. Without regular calibration, stationary gas detectors may show erroneous readings, either underestimating or overestimating the presence of harmful gases.

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The calibration process

The calibration of fixed gas detectors is a delicate process that requires specialised skills and appropriate instrumentation. It usually involves the following steps:

  • Instrument preparation
  • Comparison with a reference standard
  • Adjustment
  • Verification of accuracy

Before starting the calibration process, it is important to ensure that the instrument is clean and in proper condition, then it is exposed to a known concentration of calibration gas to compare its readings with those of the reference standard. If the readings do not match the expected value, adjustments can be made to align them. After adjustments, the instrument is tested again to ensure that it gives accurate readings.

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Calibration frequency

The purpose of the tests is to check the correct functioning of the detectors installed in the field. In European Community countries, gas operation tests and calibration procedures for gas detectors are required by the regulations in force and defined by EN 60079-29-2.

The frequency of maintenance must be defined:

  • by the type of instruments installed in the field
  • by the risk level of the installation area

The guidelines for our gas detectors are:

  • quarterly checks for installations with level 1 emissions (Zone 1)
  • six-monthly verifications for installations with level 2 emissions (Zone 2) or unclassified areas
  • annual verifications for installations in Zone 2 or unclassified area where IR technology detectors are present

Entrust the calibration and periodic maintenance of your gas detection systems to Sensitron​

Our gas detection systems have different maintenance requirements depending on the gases detected and the applications in which they are used. Scheduled maintenance ensures the efficiency of gas detection systems and the resulting safety of workers and environments.

Entrust periodic maintenance to  our team means extending the life cycle of instruments with an impact on both running costs and the environment.

Taratura e calibration

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