Sensitron: SMART 3G series of gas detectors

Sensitron, part of the Halma Group and on the market for 36 years, recognized as a leading name in gas detection nationally and internationally, kicks off a campaign dedicated to the SMART 3G series of gas detectors. The goal of this campaign is to maintain the elements that distinguish its new way of communicating, engaging more with the European market and maintaining the use of unconventional colors within the industrial sector to better portray a message of safety and peace of mind. In addition, the creation of new 3D renderings of the gas detectors allows it to pursue along the path already taken with the implementation of augmented and virtual reality: to offer an immersive and interactive experience in order to enhance the customer experience. Complementing the campaign is a simple and straightforward claim: choose SMART 3G detectors for gas detection in classified and unclassified areas. SMART 3G detectors are perfect for refrigerant, flammable, toxic and oxygen gas detection and are available with catalytic, infrared, PID and electrochemical cell sensors. With ATEX, IECEx, SIL2 hardware and SIL3 software certifications, they ensure timely detection in even the most difficult application environments.

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